1898-O VAM-23

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1898-O VAM-23 Dbld 8 Bottom, Very Near Date, O Set High, Bulge on Rev

Discovered by Laurence Galbraith, September 2005.
23(revised) III22 · C3b (Dbld 8 Bottom, Very Near Date, O Set High, Bulge on Rev.) (181) I-3 R-4
Reverse C3b– III O mint mark set high. Bulge on die below tail feathers and wreath bow from over polishing.

1. Same obverse as VAM-2
2. Can Be confused with the VAM-13A which also has a stong single clash and a very near date...check your Bow and date cracks!!!


LVA Plate Photos:

1898-O VAM-23 Bulge Below TF.jpg

Additional Photos:

Date set much further left than normal.
1898-O VAM-23 FULL DATE 1 NOV 2010 001.JPG 1898-O VAM-23 8 IN DATE 1 NOV 2010 004.JPG
Mint mark set high.
1898-O VAM-23 MM 1 NOV 2010 005.JPG 1898-O VAM-23 TF 1 NOV 2010 006.JPG

1898-O VAM-23 WING NECK 1 NOV 2010 007.JPG Rmg 1898O 070815b.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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