1898-O VAM-22

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1898-O VAM-22 Doubled Profile

Discovered by Mark Kimpton, June 2003. Revised 2017
22 (revised) III2 15- C3b (Doubled Right 8 & Profile, High O, Die Scratches Wing) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 15- Right 8 doubled as curved arc at top inside of lower loop with polishing lines at right inside. Bottom inside of right 8 upper loop is beveled from die polishing. Liberty head is slightly doubled at nose, lips, and chin.
Die marker- Heavy vertical polishing line at bottom of T in Liberty.
Reverse C3b - Long thin Die scratch at upper middle and shorter one in middle of Eagle's left wing.

LVA Comments:
1. LVA- 11-15-2017 Wrote ...VAM29. Listed & pictured in "2016 VAMSupplement. Has same do profile with chips back of mouth as above coin (VAM 22). SO VAM 29 is eliminated & became 22 revised since 22 is earlier listing instead of vice versa in July submittal. Marked up 2016 VAM SUPPLEMENT which becomes 22 revised.


LVA Plate Photos:

Former VAM-29
1898-O VAM-22 Dbld Profile.jpg

Additional Photos:

Although not listed as such, the mint mark is slightly high and definitely shifted some to the right. within normal tolerances
Profile doubling is slight and can be seen from the forehead to the underside of the chin.
A bit of trivia is that the hub that created this reverse die can be identified by the extra metal above the olive and along the adjacent talon. This hub was used throughout the entire period of C3 reverse production. The earliest identified one is the 1878 VAM-221 reverse.

Full Coin Photos

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