1897-S VAM-9A

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1897-S VAM-9A Near Date, Spiked Lip

Discovered by Crae Morton, May 1998.
(Eliminated, incorporated into VAM-13)
9A(revised) III26 · C3a (Near Date, Spiked Lip) (187) I-3 R-6
Obverse III26– Tiny die break in front of lower lip. Slightly doubled lips profile.
COMMENTS: The 9A "Spiked Lip" combines the III2 6 obverse with the C3a reverse and features a date set slightly nearer than normal to Liberty's neck. The distinguishing feature is a small die gouge protruding from Liberty's lip. The gouge is barely visible to the naked eye. Per Leroy Van Allen, the gouge was only listed because it was in an "unusual and prominent place."
Comments: The VAM-9A is now VAM 13 as of January 2011 VAM-13