1897-S VAM-13

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1897-S VAM-13 Near Date, Doubled Leg, Spiked Lip, Gouge M

Discovered by Rickey Bailey, January 2011.
13 III2 6 - C3c (Near Date, Doubled Leg, Spiked Lip, Gouge M) (183) I-3 R-6
Obverse III2 6 - Tiny die gouge in front of lower lip. Horizontal die gouge thru designer's initial M. Slightly doubled profile of nose, lips, and chin.
Reverse C3c - Slightly doubled lower right including right side of eagle's left leg, bottom edge of both wings, bottom edge of lower arrowhead, left inside and right outside of wreath bow.

1. Reverse C3c was assigned to VAM-8 high mint mark. Thus, VAM-13/13A should have been the assigned to the next reverse C3d.
2. There was talk back in 2011 or so to the rarity rating. June 2017 I looked at 590 Heritage Archived photos and found 75 VAM-13's, 25 of those being VAM-13A. RonH270


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