1896-S VAM-11

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1896-S VAM-11 Date in Denticles, S Set Right

Discovery November 2022, Roger Bradshaw

III2 9 • C3f (Date in Denticles, S Set Right) (?)
Obverse III2 9 - Date in normal lateral position. Top right corner of 1 visible between denticles below right side of 1, top of 8 in denticles below 8, top of 6 in denticles below 6. Strong diagonal polishing lines behind hear, below inner end of cap ribbon, and in D-shaped void in hair
Reverse C3f - S mint mark upright and set to the right. Die Markers - Lines in wing-neck gap, Thick scratch at bottom of space above eagle's left foot.


  1. Top of 9 not confirmed on discovery piece due to dirt between the denticles, but seems to be present on specimens seen in Heritage's archive.
  2. Spacing of the digit tops in the denticles indicates either multiple punches or the incorrect date punch being used.


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