1895-S VAM-2

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1895-S VAM-2 S Tilted Right

Discovered by Charles Wallace, February 1959. Revision November 2009 by Larry Eakins.
2(revised) III2 1- C3b (S Tilted Right) (?) I-2 R-4
Obverse III21- Die 2-
Die markers - Fine vertical polishing line in hair below I of LIBERTY. Vertical polishing lines in nostril.
Reverse C3b- Die 1-Normal die with medium IV S mint mark tilted to right, slightly higher than VAM 5 S mint mark.
Die marker--Heavy horizontal die scratch at middle inside of wreath bow. S mint mark set further right than VAM 4 S Over Horizontal S, not a polished VAM 4 C3d reverse die.

1. Gouge just under hair top of forehead.


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