1895-O VAM-6

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1895-O VAM-6 Slanted Far Date, O Tilted Right

Discovery August 2008
6 III25 – C3b (Slanted Far Date, O Tilted Right) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III25- Date set further right than normal with slight with 5 higher than 1.
Reverse C3b-
Die Marker- Long thin horizontal die scratch from upper left side of eagle's neck. Medium III O mint mark tilted slightly to right as in VAM-2..
1. The discovery piece is prooflike (NGC AU50PL). It is highly polished with many polish lines. If exhibits strong, line-free polish along the periphery of the devices. This might indicate a clash clean up. However, any of the usual artifacts would have been obliterated. A lone possible motto partial "e" is in the lower hair. It is possible that the clash occurred at die set up before any planchet made it into the collar. The look of the harsh polishing might have been cause for a quick rejection of the dies. That would account for this not being discovered until recently on such a scrutinized low mintage date. That the strike was especially bold and the planchet polished, might also indicate specimen strikes. If rejected, the few produced may have been dumped into circulation. All speculation. The long polish line at the eagle's neck is the key identifier of this variety. There is also a dot in front of the eyelid that identifies the obverse die.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Images are from the discovery coin.
The date is far with a closed 9 (and closed 5) with a moderate slant upward, the 5 higher than the 1.
The mintmark is set high, centered, and tilted right.
The dies are extensively polished. The long and bold horizontal polish line out of the eagle's throat is the primary diagnostic for this variety.
A secondary confirmation can be made on the obverse. There is a dot in front of the eyelid. Notice the gouge down from the eyelid to the right of the dot.
The dies are extensively polished and very strongly along the device edges and typical clash locations. This lone possible remnant of a motto clash can be found in the lower hair, fortunately not obliterated by the bands of polish lines found elsewhere within the central device.
Obverse die markers are available inside the bonnet fold.

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