1892-S VAM-14

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1892-S VAM-14 Doubled 892 Polished, S Slightly High

Discovery November 2022, Robert Schermerhorn

III2 2 • C3e (Doubled 892 Polished, S Slightly High) (?)
Obverse III2 2 - Doubling on 892 nearly polished away, with remnants of curves inside lower loop of 9 and top loop of 2 visible. Die Marker - Horizontal die crack from bust through upper part of 1 to 8.
Reverse C3e - S mint mark centered and upright, slightly high. Slight doubling on left wreath toward rim. Tops of In God we trust doubled. Die Markers - Lines above arrows on upper tail feathers. Die polishing in field tends to be mostly vertical lines.

Emission Sequence


  1. Last use of obverse die, after 1892-S VAM-2 & 1892-S VAM-7.


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