1892-CC VAM-14

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1892-CC VAM-14 Far Slanted Date, Doubled Profile & Cap Top, CC Tilted Left

Discovery 2018 by PacificWR

III2 9 - C3b (Far Slanted Date, Doubled Profile & Cap Top, CC Tilted Left) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 9 - Date set further right than normal at left edge with 2 higher than 1. Slightly doubled Liberty head profile from hair front down to chin plus Phrygian cap top.
Die marker - Two long vertical polishing lines to right below upper hair curl.
Reverse C3b -
Die marker - Couple long vertical die scratches at lower left side of outer feathers of eagle's left wing.

1. LVA comments: Has same rev die with CC Tilted left as VAM 2 original 35 mm print of VAM book with same diagonal die crack between D-O below CC m/m. Obverse has unlisted far slanted date, dbld profile & cap top. Obv also has unlisted displaced field break 2-3 rt stars plus TES of STATES on rev. Rev also has lots of peripheral fine die cracks but only obvious displaced field break is at TES. Maybe later die state would have more listable displaced field breaks.
2. LVA Discovery Letter.

1. Discovery Post

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