1891-S VAM-8A

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1891-S VAM-8A Doubled Left Stars, Die Gouge Reverse

8A(revised) III27 · C3a (Doubled Left Stars, Die Gouge Reverse) (185) I-5 R-5
Reverse C3a– Long spread-out series of wide die gouges in a line in recesses of ends of olive branch leaves, in left adjacent wreath leaf, and thru upper part of eagle’s right leg. Longest related series of die gouges in-line of Morgan dollars. Also has short die gouges in lower left leaf of third cluster from bottom of left wreath and right bottom of second leaf cluster from top of right wreath. Polishing lines in fields.

1. The December 2006 VAMview noted that Leroy declared this variety to be an I-5 (top interest factor) because of the number and length of the "related" reverse die gouges. At least 2 PL examples are known (NGC 64 PL and ANACS 60 PL), at least one of which does not have the obverse field polishing lines (but of course has the reverse gouges). This implies that the VAM-8A may in fact not be the late die state of the VAM-8 die (PL examples with the reverse die gouges imply that the gouge existed for the entire life of the die. Prooflike strikes occur early in the die's life). However, Leroy examined one of the PL specimens and determined that because it had a few small die cracks, it could not be verified as a true EDS variety. Thus, the VAM-8A label remains.

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LVA Plate Photos:

1891-S VAM-8A Gouges.jpg 1891-S VAM-9A Gouges Lower Rev.jpg
1891-S VAM-8A Gouges in Leg.jpg 1891-S VAM-8A Gouges Rt Wreath.jpg
1891-S VAM-8A Gouges Left Wreath.jpg 1891-S VAM-8A Gouges Olive Leaves.jpg

Additional Photos:

Notice that the gouges in the left wreath line up with the gouges in olive branches:
1891 s vam8a branchgouges.jpg
The alignment continues at a slight angle to the left, middle, and right of the eagle's right leg:
1891 s vam8a eaglegouges.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photo Courtesy of [boblenaere]