1891-S VAM-17

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1891-S VAM-17 S/S Left, Die Gouge Arrow Feathers

Discovered April 2012 by Jason Henrichsen
17 III 2 7 - C3d (S/S Left, Die Gouge Arrow Feathers) (185) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 1 - Date at right edge of normal lateral position. No doubling on stars.
Reverse C3d - Diagonal die gouge from end of arrow feathers up to lower olive leaf.

1. Coin has S/S Left that matches the VAM-12 as reported in 2000 VAM Supplement. There is also a die chip at the left side of the lower serif like the VAM-12 S/S Left photographs. The S mint mark position appears to be a little higher than the VAM-2 S/S Down by comparing it with the original VAM book print. The VAM-2 has strange doubling at the bottom of the S mint mark that could be machine doubling. The date is the at the right edge of the normal lateral positions. There is a diagonal die gouge at the end of the arrow feathers of both the VAM-12 and the VAM-17. There is no die doubling on the left stars for the VAM-17 and there is for the VAM-12.
2. The major die marker for the VAM-17 can be found on the obverse with lines below the ribbon. [See below.]


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