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1891-P VAM-6 Slanted Date

Discovered by Martin Field, October 1982. Revised 2009. Revised Aug. 2011 by Pete Hohnstein, & Sept. 2011 by Brion Pfendler Revised 2014
6 (revised) III2 6-C3a (Slanted Date) (189) I-2 R-4
Obverse III2 6 - Dated slanted in normal lateral position with left 1 closest to rim.
Reverse C3a - Very slight doubling on lower arrow shaft and feather.

1. There appears to be stages of this die pairing with and without additional denticle impressions in front of the eagle's beak. The "official"revision states that there are three raised dots below the right tail feathers, but these denticle impressions seem to be only present on EDS/MDS specimens.There are also a pair of triangular denticle impression near the eagle's beak that are seen on LDS specimens. There are VAM-6's that are seen with these different denticle impressions and they are all considered to be a normal VAM-6.
2. 10/2014 Update: The VAM 6 description of slanted date naturally may refer to multiple dies. The slanted date with denticle impressions was reclassified as VAM 6A and likely referrs to a different die pair than one that has been identified as a slanted date without denticle impressions. The die pair without denticle impressions is referred to as VAM 6. This page will be updated to reflect the change, and a VAM 6A page will be added.


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Original Discovery Plates
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