1891-O date

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Clashed Die With Letter Transfer
Near Date
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-11 Near Date, O Set Right
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-16 Near Date, O Set HighFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-20 Near Shifted Date, High O, Clashed Reverse M
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-21 Doubled Ear, Near Date, O Set High
Normal date
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-1 Closed 9
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-1A Clashed E Reverse (Top 100 Morgan VAM)Full-Coin CAMERA.jpgPcgsvam.jpg Ngcvam.jpg
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-1A1 Clashed Obverse D & O, Reverse BERT (Top 100 Morgan VAM)
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-1A2 Clashed Obverse D & O, Reverse BERT, Dome Die Sink (Top 100 Morgan VAM)
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-1A3 Clashed Obverse D & O, Reverse BERT, Die Break Left Wreath (Top 100 Morgan VAM)
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-1B Pitted reverse (Hot 50 Morgan Vam)Pcgsvam.jpg Ngcvam.jpg
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-1C Clashed Obverse G
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-1D Over Buffed ReverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-2 Open 9
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-3 O Tilted Right
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-3A Weak E Clashed Reverse (Hot 50 Morgan Vam)Pcgsvam.jpg Ngcvam.jpg
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-3A1 O Tilted Right, Clashed Obverse O, Reverse Weak ER (Hot 50 Morgan VAM)
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-3A2 O Tilted Right, Clashed Obv. O, Reverse Weak ER, Die Breaks (Hot 50 Morgan VAM)
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-4 O Tilted Right
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-4A O Tilted Right, Die Break Below ONE
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-5 O/O Top
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-7 Doubled 9
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-13 Doubled EarFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-15 Doubled Profile and Ear
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-15A Doubled Profile & Ear, Die Break Above ED
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-15B Doubled Profile & Ear, Cud at ITE
Normal date High O
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-8 O Set High
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-8A O Set High, Die Break Above ME
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1891-O VAM-8B (Eliminated, same as VAM-15B)
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-8C O Set High, Die Gouge IB
Normal Slanted Date
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-6 O/O DownFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-14 Doubled Bow
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-14A Doubled bow, Clashed Obverse n, God We, Reverse M (Kimpton 12 Morgan VAM)
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-17 Doubled Left Wreath
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-17A Doubled Left Wreath, Clashed Obverse t
Normal Slanted Date High O
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-10 Slanted Date, O Set High Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Far Date
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-24 Doubled Ear, Far Date *NEW 2013*
Far Date High O
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-9 Far Date, High O
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-9A Far Date, High O, Die Break E
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-9B Far Date, High O, Cud at NITE
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-12 Doubled Eye, Far Date, High O, Doubled Bow
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-12A Doubled Eye, Far Date, High O, Doubled Bow, Clashed Obverse n, st
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-22 Doubled Stars & Motto, Far Date, O Set High
Far Date Very High O
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-19 Doubled Ear, Far Date, Very High O, Extreme Buffed Reverse
Far Slanted Date
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-18 Far Slanted Date, O Tilted Right
Far Slanted Date High O
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-23 Doubled 8, Far Slanted Date, O Set High
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-25 Far Slanted Date, High O *NEW 2013* *Revised 2014*
Camera.jpg1891-O VAM-25A Far Slanted Date, High O, Clashed Obverse n & t *NEW 2013*
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1891-O VAM-25B Far Slanted Date, High O, Clashed Obverse n & st *NEW 2014*