1891-O VAM-9A

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1891-O VAM-9A Far Date, High O, Die Break E

Discovered by David Close, May 2005.
9A III24 · C3e (Far Date, High O, Die Break E) (181) I-2 R-6
Reverse C3e– Die crack thru tops of UNITED letters with crack also going up to rim above E and displaced field of a break.



LVA Plate Photos:

1891-O VAM-9A Break E.jpg

Additional Photos:

The later die state of VAM-9 has impressive die cracks. Here is the area of the eventual break that makes the die pair VAM-9A.
Ja91-O 9A-early E2.jpg Jae 1891o 9a mm.jpg

1891-O VAM--9A ldl MM1.JPG 1891-O VAM--9A ldl date1.JPG

Jae 1891o 9a break2.jpg Jae 1891o 9a r5star.jpg

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