1891-O VAM-4A

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1891-O VAM-4A O Tilted Right, Die Break Below ONE

Discovered by Herb Zepke, March 2001.
4A III2 2 · C3b (O Tilted Right, Die Break Below ONE) (181) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 2- Normal die with open 9.
Reverse C3b– Short thick die break from rim and denticle to bottom of O in ONE.

1. This reverse shared with VAM-3 , VAM-4, and VAM-4A.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

1891-o VAM 4A Photo 1.jpg
There is a line of belief that the VAM 4A needs to be in the VAM 3A chain and there may well be an E hidden on the coin. [CLM, April 2012]
1891-O VAM 4A Photo 2.jpg
Two die gouges near the eagle's right leg [viewer's left] are major confirmation points.
1891-O VAM 4A Photo 3.jpg
The coin clearly has the beginnings of the same obverse break as is seen on the 1891-O VAM 3A2.
1891-O VAM 4A Photo 4.jpg
And, the break continues to the end, the same as the break on the 3A2 obverse.
1891-O VAM 4A Photo 5.jpg

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