1891-O VAM-3A

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1891-O VAM-3A "E" Clash Reverse

Discovered by Art Leister, January 1974.
This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM.
Comments: 1- Considered a weak clashed E reverse.
2- The E clash appears to get weaker, almost disappearing in the late die state where a small die break forms below 'ONE' on the reverse.
3- John Roberts discovered that VAM-3A has a clashed mint mark which appears on the obverse below 'B' of PLURIBUS. Unknown in BU. The coin shown is tied for finest known.
4-The weak E Clash makes this a tough coin to find, however success has been reported using the obverse die crack pattern when viewing coins through dealers' glass cases.
5- VAM-3A comes in two die stages: the weak E shown here, and a weaker, barely visible E on VAM-3A2. Note: VAM-3A has been divided into VAM-3A1 and VAM-3A2 (with obverse die break).
6- Examples of this VAM show a minor CW rotation, (5 to 7%), noticeable enough to assist in identifying in photos.
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LVA Plate Photo:
Note: The EDS of this Clash has polishing lines though the Full clashed E and has "no Cracks " on both sides of the coin with PL feilds. The top leg of the "E" can be seen by tilting the coin and is much softer. The Center and Middle legs are Strong and Crisp!
EDS Plate

Additional Photos

E Clash ( VAM-3A1)
1891 O VAM 3A E Clash.jpg
Late Die State break on the reverse (now designated as VAM-3A2
1891o vam3a crack.jpg
Obverse die crack pattern for VAM-3A2. The coin shown was actually cherrypicked based on these unique cracks. Also, there is strong clashing over the cap.
1891 O VAM 3A Obverse.jpg