1891-O VAM-20

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1891-O VAM-20 Near Shifted Date, High O, Clashed Reverse M

Discovery 2009
20 III2 12 - C3g (Near Shifted Date, High O, Clashed Reverse M) (181) I-5 R-7
Obverse III2 12 - Remnants of underlying date shifted up. Short spike at left of middle vertical shaft. Two wedges at lower part of top inside of upper loop of 8, line and spike at lower inside of bottom loop and spike between loops on right outside. 9 doubled with arcs at top left and right outside of upper loop, tip above left side of lower loop and thin arc inside lower loop. 1 doubled as line above 1 top and short line above top left of base. Date set further left than normal. Die not clashed.
Reverse C3g - Doubled wreath bow at top and left inside and right outside. Feathers between legs and lower arrow shaft slightly doubled at bottom. III O mint mark set high and upright.

1. ChiefsRet. coin used for additional images show a clash N on the reverse. There no letter transfer.


LVA Plate Photos:

1891-O VAM-20 PLATE 1 6 OCT 2010.jpg
1891-O VAM-20 PLATE 2 6 OCT 2010.jpg

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