1891-O VAM-15B

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1891-O VAM-15B Doubled Profile & Ear, Cud at ITED

Discovery 2010, Revised December 2013
This Variety is a WOW! VAM (Fills the cud/strong retained cud slot)
15B (revised) III2 9 - C3a (Doubled Profile & Ear, Cud at ITED ) (181) I-5 R-7
Reverse C3a– Large rim cud into tops of ITE letters and later over to D in UNITED. Different pattern than VAM-9B cud.

1.This is usually found as a retained cud, where denticles and tops of the letters ITE are all present, as shown on Leroy's plate photo. Since the reverse die is the anvil die, the broken out die fragment tended to settle into the chuck. In very late die stages, the broken piece fell farther into the chuck, forming a more dramatic cud as seen in the VG specimen shown below. Due to wear on the coin, however, it can't be determined if the denticles were weakly struck and worn or not struck at all. While both are technically VAM 15B, the later die stage with complete cud will likely bring a considerably higher premium than the typical VAM 15B. A higher grade specimen showing completely missing denticles would likely be assigned a separate VAM number.


LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

Very late die stage with broken piece of die absent during striking.


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ANACS 25 Discovery
12/2013 -top census 2 PCGS 35;