1890-S VAM-6

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1890-S VAM-6 S Set High

Reverse discovered by Charles Wallace, February 1959. Discovered by Leonard Hinckley, February 1974. Revised 2016 and 2017 by Tmanhg
6 (revised) III2 1 C3e (S Set High) (190) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 1 -
Die marker - Polishing lines in TY of LIBERTY.
Reverse C3e -
Die marker - Polishing lines in wing-neck gap.
5 known obverses all with a variations of date placement have been vetted thru LVA
Tmanhg V6 Die 1- Lines in RTY (This page is Die1 page)
Tmanhg V6 Die 2- Chips at eye-date at left edge of normal (became VAM 51 11/2017)
Tmanhg V6 Die 3- Date set slightly high- lines in RTY-different from die 1
Tmanhg V6 Die 4- Slanted date

1. Additional die markers added from the 2016 revision coin-die 2
2. Second obverse used with v6 reverse-pic of date placement below
3. Third obverse used with v6 reverse - pic below
4. Mint Mark set high and upright. shared by Die 1,2,3,4 and 5


LVA Plate Photos:


LVA Plate Photos:

Die 2 reverse with die 2 obverse
Jth1890Sv6eye.jpg Jth1890Sv6wing-gap.jpg

Additional Photos:

Tmanhg Obverse Die 1
Jth1890Sv6date.jpg Jth1890Sv6Y.jpg
Tmanhg Obverse Die 2
Jth1890Sv6obv.die2.jpg Jth1890Sv6die2rty.jpg
Tmanhg Obverse Die 3
Jth1890Sv6die3.jpg Jth1890Sv6die3rty.jpg
Tmanhg Obverse Die 4
Jth1890Sv6die4.jpg Jth1890Sv6die4rty.jpg
Tmanhg obverse die 5
Jth1890Sv6die5.jpg Jth1890Sv6die5hair.jpg

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