1890-S VAM-49

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1890-S VAM-49 Double Inside Ear, Very High S

Discovery 2016 by John Higginbotham(tmanhg)
49 III2 24 - C3h (Double Inside Ear, Very High S) (190) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 24 - Slightly doubled ear at left and right inside. Slightly high date with shallow digits
Die marker - Single diagonal die polishing line at top of T in LIBERTY.
Reverse C3h - IV S mint mark set very high with filled lower loop.
Die marker - Numerous horizontal polishing lines inside wreath bow.

1. Shares the exact obverse die with VAM-27 and the exact reverse die as VAM-50


LVA Plate Photos:

1890-S-V49-TMANHG-PLATE4.jpg 1890-S-V49-TMANHG-PLATE2.jpg

1890-S-V49-TMANHG-PLATE1.jpg 1890-S-V49-TMANHG-PLATE3.jpg

Additional Photos:

Jth1890Sv49wingneck.jpg Jth1890Sv49leftwing.jpg


Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photos courtesy of Heritage and attributed by TMANHG