1890-S VAM-47

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1890-S VAM-47 "S" set right

Discovery 2016 by John Higginbotham
47 II1 2 1- C3m (S Set Right) (186) I-2 R-5
Obverse III 2 1 - Date set at right edge of normal lateral position
Reverse C3m -
Die Marker- Diagonal die scratches in eagle's wing-neck gap

1. LVA letter
2. There is a crack around the whole reverse between the letters and the rim.


LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

Jth1890Sv47date.jpg Jth1890Sv47ear.jpg

Jth1890Sv47ty.jpg Jth1890Sv47fold.jpg

Jth1890Sv47NU.jpg Jth1890Sv47mm.jpg

Jth1890Sv47lwing1.jpg Jth1890Sv47lwing.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photo VAM-47 Images on loan to VAMworld courtes ATTRIBUTED BY LVA