1890-S VAM-45

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1890-S VAM-45 Doubled Reverse Legend & Right Wreath

Discovered by Mitch Hill, December 2015
45 III2 21 · C3q (Doubled Reverse Legend & Right Wreath ) (190) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 21– Date at right edge of normal lateral position.
Die Marker- Two vertical polishing lines in middle of phrygian cap below ribbon.
Reverse C3q - slightly doubled right wreath leaves, AMERICA & AR in DOLLAR, ONE and UNITED STATES OF towards rim.
Die marker- Small vertical die chip and polishing lines in eagle's wing-neck gap.

1. Corrected to VAM-45 as per 2015 Supplement
2. This Variety was a "TWO-FER" with the VAM-45A and has a Slanted Date very similar to V42
3. shared obverse with V20 revision coin-eds
4. shares reverse with V1G


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