1890-S VAM-42

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1890-S VAM-42 Slanted Date

Discovery 2015 Ron Morton
42 III2 19- C3a (Slanted Date) (190) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 19 - Date in normal lateral position with a slant with 0 higher than 1
Die marker - polishing lines in LIBERTY
Reverse C3a - Eagles right wing middle over polished

1. Upper tail feathers over polished also


LVA Plate Photos:

RDM Leroy Plate 90-S V42 Y 092515.jpg RDM 1890-S Leroy Plate 90-S V42 date 092515.jpg


Additional Photos:

Discovery Coin showing the right wing middle over polished
RDM 1890-S VAM 42 new Rev rt plsh wg 092515.jpg Jth1890Sv42utf.jpg

Full Coin Photos

RDM 1890-S V42 Obv 092915.jpg

RDM 1890-S V42 Rev 092915.jpg