1890-S VAM-30

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1890-S VAM-30 Doubled Profile, Cap Top and Rear, Die Chips Reverse

Discovered by Calvin Cherry, November 2005. Revised 2016 John Higginbotham
30(revised) III2 23 · C3a (Doubled Profile, Cap Top and Rear, Die Chips Reverse) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 23 - Doubled profile from hair front down to neck top edge. Doubled Phrygian cap top and rear.
Die marker - Diagonal polishing line in middle of Y in LIBERTY.
Reverse C3a – Vertical die gouge from denticles into field above E in UNITED. Die chips top right outside of top leaf cluster in right wreath, middle of top of eagle’s left wing, at top right of I in AMERICA and in wreath above R in DOLLAR. Later die state than VAM-1F.

1. Shares reverse with VAM 1F
2. Shares obverse with VAM 1G


LVA Plate Photos:

1890-S VAM-30 Die Chips Wreath.jpg 1890-S VAM-30-S over S.jpg
1890-S-V30-TMANHG-PLATE3.jpg 1890-S-V30-TMANHG-PLATE2.jpg

Additional Photos:

Jth1890Sv30date.jpg Jth1890Sv30E.jpg

Jth1890Sv30lwreath.jpg Jth1890Sv30Rwreath.jpg

Jth1890Sv30trust.jpg Jth1890Sv30RI.jpg

Jth1890Sv30TY.jpg Jth1890Sv30TY.jpg

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