1890-S VAM-1N

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1890-S VAM-1N Die Break T, Over Polished Wing Feathers

Discovered 11/2017 by John Higginbotham (tmanhg)
1N III2 1 - C3a (Die Break T, Over Polished Wing Feathers) (?) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 1 - Same die as VAM-1F, but earlier die state.
Reverse C3a - Light die file lines in fields with heaver lines at UNITED that has die crack at top. Two radial die cracks from rim at right side of T in UNITED with slight displaced field break plus die chips at top of T. Some over polished feathers in eagle's wings. Break at T likely led to early die replacement for VAM-1F die combo.

1. 1F Obverse III2 1 - Date at left edge of normal lateral position. Die marker - horizontal die polishing lines in wheat-cotton leaf gap.
2. Shares obverse with 1890-S VAM-1F


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90-S-V1N-PLATE1.jpg 90-S-V1N-PLATE2.jpg

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