1890-S VAM-1G

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1890-S VAM-1G Die Breaks In Wreaths

Discovery 2009, revised 2013
1G III2 1 - C3a (Die Breaks In Wreaths) (189) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 1 - Very slightly doubled profile and cap top.
Reverse C3a - Very slightly doubled AMERICA bottom inside towards rim. Die chip at top of eagle's right wing. Die breaks at second leaf cluster in left wreath and three top leaf clusters in right wreath.

1. Shares obverse with VAM 30 and is LDS to VAM 30


LVA Plate Photos:

NESVT20091230 1890S 1G LVA 1.JPG NESVT20091230 1890S 1G LVA 2.JPG
NESVT20091230 1890S 1G LVA 3.JPG

Additional Photos:

pics of an LDS coin
Jth1890Sv1Gdate.jpg Jth1890Sv1Gmm.jpg

Jth1890Sv1Gneck.jpg Jth1890Sv1Gforehead.jpg

Jth1890Sv1Gear.jpg Jth1890Sv1Gcapband.jpg

Jth1890Sv1Grwreath.jpg Jth1890Sv1Glwing.jpg

Jth1890Sv1Grwing.jpg Jth1890Sv1gTY.jpg


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