1890-S VAM-1F

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1890-S VAM-1F Die Gouge Above E, Die Chips Right Wreath Top

Discovered September 2009 by KE Rawlings Revised 2016 by John Higginbotham
1F (revised) III2 1 - C3a (Die Gouge Above E, Die Chips Right Wreath Top) (181) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 1 - Date at left edge of normal lateral position. Die marker - horizontal die polishing lines in wheat-cotton leaf gap.
Reverse C3a - Vertical die gouge from denticles into field above E in UNITED. Late Die States show small die chips at top right outside of top leaf cluster in right wreath.

LVA Comments:
1. Additional comments from Leroy Van Allen - Has unlisted die gouge out from denticles above E in UNITED. Tiny die chips at top of right wreath. Normally wouldn't list such small chips as not visible to naked eye, but mentioned it anyway in this case with more prominent die gouge. Date at left of normal lateral position. Machine or strike doubling with flat shelf-like shiny at top and right of S mint mark and DOLLAR letters. Also has machine doubling on top of date digits where die slid sideways into denticles below date. Digit tops are dished in with shiny surfaces using 30X stereo microscope.


LVA Plate Photos:

KER 1890 S 1F 2.jpg KER 1890 S 1F 1.jpg

Additional Photos:

Coin below is 1890-S NGC MS 64 #3298618-017
RonH 1890-S VAM-1F Date.jpg

RonH 1890-S VAM-1F GOUGE1.jpg RonH 1890-S VAM-1F MintMark.jpg

RonH 1890-S VAM-1F GOUGE3.jpg RonH 1890-S VAM-1F GOUGE4.jpg

RonH 1890-S VAM-1F Die Break.jpg Jth1890sv11hair.jpg

Jth1890sv11boll.jpg Jth1890sv11wheat.jpg

Jth1890sv11wingneck.jpg Jth1890sv11Egouge.jpg

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