1890-S VAM-1E

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1890-S VAM-1E Die File Lines on Reverse

Discovered by John Coxe, July 2006.
1E III2 1 · C3a (Die File Lines on Reverse) ( ? ) I-2 R-5
Reverse C3a– Heavy die file and polishing lines. IV S mint mark centered and tilted slightly to left.
1- Shares obverse with v1C
2- Same dies as v40

LVA Plate Photos

1890-S VAM-1E Die File Lines Rev.jpg

Additional Photos

Next 3 Photo are of the Discovery Coin.
1890-S V1Ea.jpg
RBF1890-S V1Eb.jpgRBF1890-S V1Ec.jpg
Under Review
1890-S VAM-1E MERCA break.jpg
PCGS MS64 (discovery coin)