1890-S VAM-12

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1890-S VAM-12 Doubled 1-90

Discovered by Maurice Dubreuil, November 1974. Revised 2018 by tmanhg
12 III2 5 C3a (Doubled 1-90) (190) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 5 - Doubled 1-90 with 1 below upper serif. 9 at top outside and 0 strongly at top left outside as thick arc.

Reverse C3a-
Die 1 Die marker-Die polishing lines in wing neck gap.
Die 2 Die marker-Die polishing lines in wing neck gap.

1. Great example of a re-punched date, where the original date was punched at an angle. '1' is doubled below the upper crossbar, '9' is strongly doubled at the top, and the '0' is doubled above where a curved line is still visible. Probably the most interesting variety in 1890-S VAMs. Some specimens show two diagonal polishing lines under Liberty's ear.
2. Other pics of another specimen below

1. Revision thread

LVA Plate Photos:

1890-S plate photos revised.jpg

Additional Photos:

Photo courtesy of IrishMike from the PCGS board.
1890 S VAM 12 Date.jpg
next three photos are under review do not use for attribution
Date position and doubling:
Sentry02 1890S V12 Date2.jpg
Ear polishing lines:
Sentry02 1890S V12 Ear2.jpg
MM position:
Sentry02 1890S V12 MM.jpg

Jth1890sv12date.jpg Jth1890sv12-90.jpg

Jth1890sv12ear.jpg Jth1890sv12mm.jpg

Jth1890sv12eye.jpg Jth1890sv12y.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Discovery Coin Large Full Coin Photo