1890-S VAM-10E

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1890-S VAM-10E Far Date, Over Polished Upper TF

Discovery 2016
10E III2 3 - C3a (Far Date, Over Polished Upper TF ) (187) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 3 -
Reverse C3a - Heavy die file lines around eagle's legs and tail feathers with over polished upper tail feathers and middle lower tail feathers. Small die chips in right wreath opposite CA in AMERICA and in left wreath opposite NI of UNITED.

1. Shares obverse with V33


LVA Plate Photos:

1890-S-V10E-PLATE1.jpg 1890-S-V10E-PLATE2.jpg

Additional Photos:


Jth1890Sv10Edate.jpg Jth1890Sv10Eear.jpg

Jth1890Sv10Ebolls.jpg Jth189oSv10Emm.jpg

Jth1890Sv10erleg.jpg Jth1890Sv10ELleg.jpg

Full Coin Photos:

Large Full Coin Photos of VAM-10E courtesy of Heritage and Attributed by TMANHG