1890-CC VAM-9A

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1890-CC VAM-9A Near Date, Break Left Stars

Discovered by Calvin Cherry, November 2005.
9A III25 · C3a (Near Date, Die Break Between 1 & 2 Left Stars) ( ? ) I-2 R-6
Obverse III25– Die crack from neck point thru 1 & 2 left stars with horizontal break between 1 & 2 left stars.



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VAM-9A is the key variety of the 1890-CC date, far rarer than the Top-100 popular VAM-4 Tail Bar. It was rated by Leroy Van Allen as an R-6 rarity but may very well be considerably rarer than that original estimation. The VAM-9 is noted by its near date and chips (hardly visible in this example) in the 8 and 9.
1890-CC-9A-date.jpg 1890-CC-9A-89chips.jpg

The feature that makes the VAM-9A distinct is a very noticeable break between the first and second left stars.

1890 CC VAM 9 A Date.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin Photo and Attribution by Blue62Vette @ Blue CC photo.com