1890-CC VAM-14

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1890-CC VAM-14 Double Profile, Doubled CC Inside

Discovery 2016 by Brent Fogelberg
III2 9 • C3g (Double Profile, Doubled CC Inside) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 9 - Slightly doubled Liberty head profile from hair front down to chin and very slightly doubled Phrygian cap top. Date at right of middle normal lateral position.
Die marker - Several short die scratches right of cotton leaf right of right cotton boll.


  1. Shares C3g reverse of VAM 7
  2. The die chip is in the ribbon groove under the ribbon 20% of the length of the ribbon from field.
  3. The date is close to the middle of normal lateral position, while VAM 7 is close to being a near date.


LVA Plate Photos

RBF1890-CC V14a.jpg RBF1890-CC V14b.jpg

Additional Photos

1890-CC RonH VAM-14 PUP OBV.jpg

1890-CC RonH VAM-14 PUP OBV 2a.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin VAM 14 Images © Heritage Auctions, used with permission. Attributed by Brent Fogelberg