1889-P VAM-9

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1889-P VAM-9 Far & Slanted Date

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, March 1974. revised 2014 alefzero
9 (revised) III2 9 - C3a (Far Slanted Date) (190) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 9 - Date slanted with 9 higher than 1. Date set further right than normal. Open 9.
Die marker- Small die chip at right outside of ear and die crack between 18. (This refers to VAM-38)

1- On placing LFCP into the 89-P series, I ran afoul on this listing since it seemed to in error and contacted John Coxe. Here are his
comments back to me. "I found the coin. It is a PCGS 64DMPL that I sent to Leroy as a repolished VAM-38. He retuned it, saying it was VAM-9. I did not send my other PCGS 63 indisputable VAM-38 for comparison at the time. I compared both sides, identifying markers and they are the same dies. Upon repolishing the obverse die to DMPL, the ear doubling was muted. The slanting of the date was not noted in the VAM-38 description. Leroy was wrong on the VAM-9 call. The VAM-38 description at some point should be revised to note the date is far and slanted."


LVA Plate Photos:

Die marker (VAM-38) added per John Coxe revision, 10/2014:

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