1889-P VAM-7A

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1889-P VAM-7A High 9, Slightly Doubled Ear, Reverse of VAMs 5G, 23

Revised September 2020. October 2020 Andy Wojtowich. January 2021.

7A III2 7 • C3a (High 9, Slightly Doubled Ear, Reverse of VAMs 5G, 23) (190) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 7 - Very slightly doubled right inside of Liberty head ear, but not enough to list separately. Slightly high 9 with date at right edge of normal lateral position and set lower than VAM 23B date.
Die markers - Die chip on right side of right 8 on later die states. Patch of diagonal fine polishing lines right middle outside of Liberty head ear.

Reverse C3a - Same die as VAMs 5G, 23, 23A, and 23B, but later die state and no die clash marks present.


  1. VAM 7A listing was also prepared to account for the earlier unclashed letter die state [of VAM 7B1] that presumably exists. (LVA 9/2020)


  1. New Take on 1889 VAM 23A
  2. October 2020 revision
  3. LVA 2021 Revision Letter
  4. New Plate Photo Added.

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