1889-P VAM-7A

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1889-P VAM-7A High 9, Die Chips Stars & Neck

Discovered by Brent Fogelberg, May 2000.
7A(revised) III27 · C3a (High 9, Die Chips Stars & Neck) (190) I-3 R-6
Obverse III27– Heavy die wear in fields with die chips at inside of stars and strong diagonal die clash line at jaw-neck junction. Latest die state also has small die chip at point of neck. Clashed n at neck of VAM-7B has been erased by die wear.
Reverse C3a– Clashed die replaced with normal die without die clash marks.


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Large Full Coin Photo Copyrighted© Mitch Hill of VAM-7A LDS ATTRIBUTED BY Leroy Van Allen 2013