1889-P VAM-39

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1889-P VAM-39 Doubled Ear and Cotton Leaves, Far Date

Discovered by C. Logan McKechnie September 2002.
39 III2 35 C3a (Doubled Ear & Cotton Leaves, Far Date) ( ? ) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 35 - Ear doubled at right inside, top right outside and bottom outside. Left edge of hair above ear, left edge of left hair curl behind jaw and lower left edge of lower cotton leaf slightly doubled. Date set further right than normal. Diagnostic- Doubled lower left edge of lower cotton leaf and left hair curl behind jaw.
Reverse C3a - Normal die

1. VAM 39 and VAM 61 appear to be evil mimics of each other. Pay attention to the lines in LIBERTY when attributing.


LVA Plate Photos:

1889-P VAM-39 Dbld Ear.jpg 1889-P VAM-39 Dbld Hair Curl.jpg
1889-P VAM-39-Dbld Cotton-Leaves.jpg

Additional Photos:

1889 RonH VAM-39 Cotton Bolls 11082013.jpg
The lines in Y of LIBERTY are unique for VAM-39.
1889 VAM-39 Lines in Y.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin VAM 39 Images © Heritage Auctions, used with permission. Attributed by John Roberts at ANACS ANACS LOGO3.jpg

1889 RonH VAM-39 OBV BetterTakeOnTheGougesInBolls 06052015.jpg

1889 RonH VAM-39 REV BetterTakeOnTheGougesInBolls 06052015.jpg