1889-P VAM-33

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1889-P VAM-33 Doubled Ear, Slanted Date

Discovered by C. Logan McKechnie September 2002. Revised 2009
33 (revised) III2 30 C3a (Doubled Ear, Slanted Date) ( ? ) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 30 - Ear slightly doubled at right inside, top left inside and bottom outside. Date slanted with 9 higher than 1 and in normal lateral position. Closed 9 with slight doubling at left inside of upper loop.
Diagnostic- Slanted date in normal position.

1. At some point very early in the die marriage, the standard VAM-33 (which is known as the Early Die State for this die study) experienced at least a triple clash at a rotation that just missed the "G" clash but left an "st" clash in the hair vee that I have labeled the MDS (unknown at this time). On Late Die State specimens, before the pitting forms, the "st" clash wears off (also unknown at preset). On Ultra Late Die State specimens will show mushy clashing and minor pitting on the lower right reverse which Leroy declined as too minor to list - although a yet later die state probably exists that would merit a new VAM listing. Be on the lookout for an ULDS or MDS specimen with either an "st" clash (MDS) or pitting (ULDS) as this die pair looks promising since a new pitted reverse VAM for this date would likely be a Hit List 40 VAM like the other 89-P pitted reverses! -VAMfinder

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LVA Plate Photos:

1889PVAM33Ear.jpg 1889pVAM33slanteddate.jpg
2009 Revision Plate

Additional Photos:

ANACS Attributed - Thanks JR!

ANACS Attributed - Thanks JR!

ANACS Attributed - Thanks JR!

ANACS Attributed - Thanks JR!

ANACS Attributed - Thanks JR!


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