1889-P VAM-16

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1889-P VAM-16 Doubled Ear & Right Stars, Far Date

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, May 1981. Revised by C. Logan McKechnie September 2002.
This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM.
16 (revised) III216 C3a (Doubled Ear & Rt. Stars, Far Date) (189) I-3 R-4
Obverse III216 - Ear doubled at right inside and lower right outside. Hair above ear slightly doubled on lower edge and lower cotton leaf slightly doubled on lower edge. Right stars slightly doubled towards rim. Date set further right than normal. Diagnostic- Slightly doubled right stars towards rim.

1. In later stages, the obverse stars turn to mush and the doubling may no longer be visible.
2. Comes unclashed and clashed with no transfer and multi clashed as well

1. http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/69781036

LVA Plate Photos:

1889-P VAM-16 Dbld Ear.jpg 1889-P VAM-16 Dbld Rt Stars.jpg 1889 P VAM 16 Polishing Lines Cap.jpg

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