1889-O VNA Varieties

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1889-O VAM Not Assigned Varieties

The rim cud under the date in this Top 100 1889-O VAM-6 is too small to list. Leroy states, "We don't list just rim cuds, has to extend into field near letters, date or stars."
1889-O VAM-6 doubdate with cud.jpg
The 1889-O VAM-6 also has a clashed die state. There are some that feel it has faint clashed lettering by the neck, but others disagree. As of this posting, Leroy has not found a specimen with such evidence, and thus a clashed stage is not separately listed:
1889-O VAM-6 clash neck.jpg 1889-O VAM-6 reverse lips clash.jpg
This next 1889-O VNA variety is another rim cud, but on the 1889-O VAM-16. Even though this cud is larger, it still does not extend into the field and thus does not achieve mention. Please note that the shadow effect below the 1 is from die sliding and is not doubling. It also appears to resemble the popular 1889-O VAM-6, but this is a coincidence.
1889-O VAM-16 rim cud.jpg
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