1889-O VAM-23A

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1889-O VAM-23A Long Radial Reverse Break

Discovery by John Coxe
23A III2 13 - C3f (Double Ear, 18 Tilted Right, High O, Die Break T) (181) I-3 R-6
Reverse C3f - Radial die crack from denticles above right T in States down thru d in God and eagle's beak. Diplaced field break above T.

1. Further research will reveal this is the exact reverse plated for VAM 8. Note the lump inside the D of DOLLAR. Date
1. [[1]]

LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Mint Mark:
This is the defining reverse radial break:
Lower part of break where it terminates at the top of the eagle's beak near the nose:
This is likely a lamination or retained wire strike thru (with the wire likely embedded below the surface). Not a die gouge since it goes though the eagle's chest which is recessed on the die (thus raised on the coin surface) meaning that if it were a gouge it would disappear when it hits the eagle's chest.
1889-O-23A-ULDS1.jpg 1889-O-23A-ULDS2.jpg

Full Coin Photos

By Mitch Hill, Large Full Coin VAM-23A Images photographed and ATTRIBUTED BY John Baumgart @ Variety Slabbing Service.jpg

An ANACS MS-65 specimen surfaced in a Teletrade auciton in early 2010, before that most reported specimens were clustered around MS-62 grade.

Condition Census:
ANACS 65 (Teletrade specimen mentioned above), PCGS MS63, PCGS 62 (EDS)