1889-O VAM-13I

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1889-O VAM-13I Far Date, Polished Eye & Forehead

Discovery November 2013 (John Baumgart and Nick Capuano)
III2 - C3a (Far Date, Polished Eye & Forehead) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III28- Fine Vertical polishing lines on eye, front of eye and forehead. Very slight doubling of forehead edge and Phrygian cap top.

1. 89 O PCGS 17132 - New VAM 13 I. Has far date of VAM 13. Very slight doublig of forehead and Phrygian cap top edges. Normally like to see doubling on cap top stronger before listing and also doubling of profile longer than just forehead. But did mention in description and took photo of forehead doubling.
2. It wasn't mentioned, but there is unusual fine vertical polishing lines on eye, front of eye and on forehead. Made this basis of sub-variety listing.


LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos :

Vertical polishing lines on and in front of eye. (Discovery coin shown)

Polishing lines on nose and upper lip. (Discovery coin shown)

Date in far position. (Discovery coin shown)

Mint mark centered and upright. (Discovery coin shown)

Polishing lines between back of eagle's neck and wing. (Discovery coin shown)

Full Coin Photos

Nlc-1889-O-13I-DC-AU58CAC-obv-b.jpg Nlc-1889-O-13I-DC-AU58CAC-REV-b.jpg


Discovery Coin: PCGS AU58 CAC (19817132)