1889-CC VAM-7

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1889-CC VAM-7 CC/CC (Privately Made)

Discovery 2010 By John Knutson (VamHelsing)
Delisted 2015


7(''Privately Made'') (CC/CC) (180) R-7
Obverse- Sharp detail with far date. Un-natural few bag marks in fields. Numerous raised round dots in feilds from casting flaws. Die chip in nostil. Flatly struck hair over ear.
Reverse- Sharp detail. Doubled CC/CC same as 1884 CC Vam-5 that is likely copied coin and not re-used after 5 years. Broad die gouges thur D of UNITED and E-D of ONE DOLLAR. Flaw at top of U in UNITED with unusual high displaced serifs. Small die chip in right inside of lower loop of left S in STATES. Un-natural few bag marks in feilds. Flatly struck eagle's breast.
Edge- Reeding count of 180 is incorrect for CC coins which have 177 or 178. Reeding tops dished-in with slidemarks instead of rounded smooth tops.

LVA Plate Photos

1889-CC VAM-7 1.jpg
1889-CC VAM-7 2.jpg
1889-CC VAM-7 3.jpg
1889-CC VAM-7 4.jpg
1889-CC VAM-7 5.jpg
1889-CC VAM-7 6.jpg
1889-CC VAM-7 7.jpg
1889-CC VAM-7 8.jpg
1889-CC VAM-7 9.jpg
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1889-CC VAM-7 11.jpg
1889-CC VAM-7 12.jpg
1889-CC VAM-7 13.jpg
PCI MS50 discovery