1888-S VAM-6D

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1888-S VAM-6D S/S Upper Bar, Polished Reverse Pitting, Clashed Obverse s

Discovered by John Coxe, 2010.
6D III 2 1 - C3d (S/S Upper Bar, Polished Reverse Pitting, Clashed Obverse s) (?) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 1 - Die 1. Clashed with partial incuse s of trust from reverse showing at hair edge to right of lower right hair vee. Shift due to 10° CW rotation. Later die state than VAM-6A. Light polishing lines in fields, heaviest at URIB.
Reverse C4d - Polished die with lines at ONE and some raised dots of rust pitting remaining at left side of bow, leaves left of bow and in middle of lower tail feathers. Rotated reverse of 10° CW. Earlier die state than VAM-6B .

1. Note that the die progression sequence is 6A > 6D > 6B > 6C and the obverse die was changed for VAM-6B and the dies re-clashed for VAM-6C.
2. Small breaks at the first right star, as in VAM-6A, plus die polish.
1. A Disscussion Thread On This VAM-6D From The Discoverer.

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PCGS MS65 (discovery coin)