1888-P VNA varieties

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1888-P VAM Not Assigned Varieties

Note: Clashed lip feature appears on the VAM-10 Dies 1 revision of 7/17.
Leroy states, "VAM-1. Clashed dies but no clashed n at neck since vertical clash line up from wing is to rt of n of In..." The point here is that, even with the dramatic clash marks in front of the lips, the key to listing a clashed variety is often the presence of clashed lettering. There are some exceptions to this rule, of course, but notice that most clashed varieties listed indeed have some clashed lettering.
Leroy examined this second 1888-P VNA variety and advised, "Tiny die chip between ED too small to be readily seen with naked eye." Leroy called this one a VAM-1, which implies that the doubling on the tops of the letters is strike doubling, which appears to be so.
1888-P VNA2 dieblob.jpg
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