1888-P VAM-27

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1888-P VAM-27 Slanted Date, Doubled Left Reverse

Discovered by John Roberts, October 2000. De-listed December 2015 as a duplicate of VAM-6
27 III28 · C3i (Slanted Date, Doubled Left Reverse) ( ? ) I-3 R-5
Reverse C3i– UNITED, left star and left wreath doubled towards rim. Slightly doubled STATES, In God, ONE DOLLAR and lower right leaf cluster towards rim.
Comments:It is one of the few Morgan Dollars that is a Class V (pivoted) doubled die. The letters of UNITED are very strongly doubled as is the left star. A number of leaves in the lower left reverse have notched tips and strong division lines can be seen in the branches. This feature is also visible in the olive branch near its leaves. In the typical fashion of a Class V spread, the point exactly opposite the strongest doubling shows no hint of doubling. In this instance, it is the area around the AME of AMERICA.

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left reverse star
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