1888-P VAM-24

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1888-P VAM-24 Near Slanted Date, Doubled Obverse Motto & Profile, Doubled Reverse

Discovered by Jeff Oxman, March 1999, revised Nov. 2014.
24 (revised) III2 6 C3e (Near Slanted Date, Doubled Obverse Motto & Profile, Doubled Reverse) (190) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 6 - Doubled E PLURIBUS U at bottom inside toward rim, top of Phrygian cap and LIBERTY head profile from LIBERTY band down to chin. Date set further left than normal and slightly slanted.
Reverse C3e - Doubled all legend letters towards rim, We Trust, right wreath leaves left tail feather ends and left olive leaves. Tripled leaves in left wreath. Same reverse die as VAM-12 but earlier die state.

1. Reverse C3e shared with VAM-12, VAM-12A, and VAM-24A.
2. Some VAM-41 Plate Photos are used below. VAM-41 was eliminated when it was found to be VAM-24 in Nov, 2014.


LVA Plate Photos:

VAM-41and VAM-41A were eliminated, Duplicate Listing of VAM-24 and VAM-24A
LVAMLD-88Pv24,24Ao-112414.jpg LVAMLD 88-Pv41 1.jpg
LVAMLD 88-Pv41 3.jpg LVAMLD 88-Pv41 2.jpg

Additional Photos:

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