1888-O VAM-23

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1888-O VAM-23 Doubled Reverse, O/O Right

Discovered by Jeff Oxman, December 1998 - [Eliminated 2014, Became[12A]]
23 III2 1 · C3k (Doubled Reverse, O/O Right) (181) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 1- There is a long rim cud from L to S in PLURIBUS down to denticle edge between IB.
Reverse C3k– III O mint mark doubled as thin curved line on lower right outside. Letters of God We Trust, TES OF AMERICA doubled towards rim. There is a vertical die crack from rim thru O in DOLLAR with tiny die chips inside O.
1- Duplicate alert, This is the late die stage of 1888-O VAM-12 [Look at the photographs on each of the pages.]

LVA Plate Photos

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1888o vam23 d.jpg
Late die state has some incredible die breaks and crumbling.
1888o vam23 a.jpg
1888o vam23 e.jpg
Late die state has a break in the O of DOLLAR.
1888o vam23 b.jpg
1888o vam23 c.jpg
1888o vam23 f.jpg
This coin has a tremendously fatigued die. It is shattered across the obverse and reverse. Cracks run all over the coin. The biggest features are an obverse rim cud, a reverse die break by the wing and a radial die break going through the O of DOLLAR.
The obverse rim cud runs from about 10:00 through 12:30.
1888o unkn a.jpg
A die break runs radially though the O of DOLLAR and raised metal can be seen inside the O.
1888o unkn b.jpg
The damaged die included a small die break by the Eagle's left wing (as viewed)
1888o unkn f.jpg
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