1887-P VAM-27

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1887-P VAM-27 Far Date

VAM-27 Far Date listed in Mar 09 Supplement, Die 2 added 31 Dec 09.
Die 2 discovered by Scott Hamilton.(eliminated on 3/2015)
27 III2 26 - C3a (Far Date) (190) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 26- Date set further right than normal at left edge. No double ear.
Die 1- Die marker - Two diagonal polishing lines in BE of LIBERTY.
Die marker - Single die polishing line at left top of left cotton leaf next to base of right wheat leaf. Very slightly doubled right inside of ear. Date at left edge of far date lateral position.
Reverse C3a- Die 1 - Die marker - Diagonal polishing lines between middle and lower arrow shafts.
Die marker - Single heavy diagonal polishing line in neck-wing gap.
Note : Occurs with rotated reverse of 67-165 degrees CW and 80-140 degrees CCW.

1. Die 2 Eliminated in 2015 (Same as Die 1)
2. An interesting history of the Die #2 as discovered by Scott Hamilton, is the discusion of this coin in June 15th, 2008 and is worth [reading to better understand] VAMworld and the cataloging of different dies. It might be noted here also that Scott Hamilton did an immense amount of research on the 1887-P VAMs. which proved to be an revelation for this series.


LVA Plate Photos:

SWH 1887-P VAM-27 Die 2 Obv Die Marker 01062010.jpg SWH 1887-P VAM-27 Die 2 Heavy Lines Wing Neck gap 01062010.jpg

Additional Photos:

Photo below of VAM-27 , Date Position.
SWH 1887-P VAM-27 DIE 2 DATE POSITION 01062010.jpg
Photo below of VAM-27 , Slightly doubled ear.
SWH 1887-P VAM-27 DIE 2 EAR 01062010.jpg
Photo below of VAM-27 , Clash in front of eye. Some EDS, may not have the die clash.
SWH 1887-P VAM-27 DIE 2 EYE CLASH 01062010.jpg
1887 VAM 27 eye clash
ARS 1887 P X 21.jpg
VAM 27 reverse clashed
ARS 1887 P X 11.jpg
VAM 27 rev clash under wing
ARS 1887 P X 12.jpg
VAM 27 clashed bird
ARS 1887 P X 10.jpg
vam 27 trippled berries
ARS 1887 P X 8.jpg
87 P VAM-27 vs VAM-27A (Disregard the notation of pictures as 27.2, the Die #2 has been eliminated, the notation should be read as 27)

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-27 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BY John Roberts at ANACSANACS LOGO3.jpg

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-27 (With Eye Clash) Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BY Scott-Hamilton-1.jpg

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