1887-P VAM-22A

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1887-P VAM-22A Doubled Right & Left Stars, Gouges at 18 & B

22A III2 22 - C3a (Doubled Right & Left Stars, Gouges at 18 & B ) (180) I-3 R-5
Obverse II2 22- Slanted die gouges in three denticle spaces below 1, one gouge in denticle spaces below first 8 and two slanted die gouges in denticle spaces and in field above B in PLURIBUS an late die states.

1. November 2010, from Leroy, " Slight doubling on designer's initial M barely noticable with 10x hand glass. Only a few hair strands dbld in lower hair-not like VAM-13. Yes, Possibly could be top of 7 in denticle space below left 8 but no top above denticle to be sure. Only have slanted bar to go on which isn't conclusive enough to say 7 top. Show as gouge to at least point out to reader. Slight dbling on arrow heads 7 on arrow shaft to minor to list. Added to description " A few hair starnds in lower hair slightly dbld" which will be in 2010 supplement.

1. http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/67539946

LVA Plate Photos:

1887-P VAM-22A PLATE PHOTO 2 SEP 29 2010.jpg 1887-P VAM-22A PLATE PHOTO 1 SEP 29 2010.jpg

Additional Photos:

Photo below of Date Position. Also has unlisted doubled initial and unlisted doubled hair strands.
Die gouge above B in PLURIBUS.
1887-P VAM-22A BOW LINES 4 OCT 2010.JPG
Photo below of polishing lines in the leg/tailfeather area..
1887-P VAM-22A BOW LINES 2 4 OCT 2010.JPG
Photo below of polishing lines in the leg/tailfeather area.
RDM 1887-P VAM 22a Rev l tl2 0514114.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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