1887-P VAM-21

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1887-P VAM-21 Doubled Ear Inside,Tripled Stars

Discovered by C. Logan McKechnie November 2002
Revised June-2014
21(revised) III220 · C3a (Doubled Ear Inside) (190) I-2 R-5
Obverse III220– Ear slightly doubled at lower right inside and top left inside. Date set in normal lateral position. Slightly doubled and tripled right stars on EDS fully struck stars. (FORMERLY VAM-34)
Die marker- Couple tiny die gouges at hair edge above Ear and a single Polishing Line at bottom of I in LIBERTY.

1. Once the break advances at UR and it is very noticeable you have a VAM- 21B, which is the LDS of VAM-21 Pairing
2. Your attention for the Reverse PUP (Pick-up-Point), Eagles left wing, from the bottom of the 5th inner feather Dot high in the middle. On all VAM 21's.


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1887-P VAM-21 PLATE PHOTO SEP 27 2010.jpg

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