1887-P VAM-10

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1887-P VAM-10 Doubled 18

Discovered by George Mallis, July 1964. Revised 2017 by: Jody Faust
10 (revised) III2 10 - C3a (Doubled 18) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 10 - 1 doubled weakly at bottom at bottom edge of crossbar. Left 8 doubled at bottom outside of lower loop with die chip to left of loops junction on some specimens.
Die marker - Polishing lines in TY of LIBERTY.
Reverse C3a - Polishing lines in wind-neck gap.

1. In the past LVA has labeled the VAM-10 with the die crack thru the date as " another VAM-1 die marriage ". He has since seen a VAM-10 EDS and LDS side by side and determined this to be a VAM-10 LDS, so check your VAM-1 die marriages. The dies on the late die state are nearly always found heavily eroded,and lightly clashed with no letter transfer
2. Threadlike impression on Phrygian Cap


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